Pbl Contract Example

Pbl Contract Example

When it comes to project-based learning (PBL), contracts are an essential component of the process. A PBL contract sets out the terms and expectations between the teacher and students for a given project. In this article, we`ll explore an example of a PBL contract and discuss its key elements.

Before delving into the example, let`s briefly review what PBL is and why it`s important. PBL is an instructional approach that emphasizes student-centered learning, collaboration, and real-world problem-solving. Instead of teacher-led lectures and drills, PBL tasks students with solving complex, open-ended problems through research, experimentation, and critical thinking.

Now, let`s take a look at an example of a PBL contract.

PBL Contract Example

Project Title: Sustainable Living

Teacher: Ms. Johnson

Due date: May 15, 2022

Description: In this project, you will work in teams of three to research and design a sustainable living model for a family of four. Your model should incorporate environmentally conscious practices for an urban or suburban living situation.


1. Your team will work collaboratively to research, design, and present your sustainable living model.

2. You will be responsible for conducting thorough research on sustainable living practices and incorporating that knowledge into your design.

3. Each team member will contribute equally to the project, and any differences in opinions or approach must be resolved constructively.

4. Your design must be innovative, feasible, and applicable to a modern-day family.

5. You will present your model to the class and participate in a question and answer session.


1. Your team will be evaluated on the thoroughness of your research, the creativity and originality of your design, and the effectiveness of your presentation.

2. Each team member will receive an individual grade based on their contribution to the project and participation in the presentation.

3. Your adherence to the expectations outlined in this contract will also be taken into consideration when determining your grade.

Key Elements of a PBL Contract:

1. Project Title and Description: Clearly define the project and its objectives.

2. Expectations: Outline what is expected of the students, including specific tasks, deadlines, and collaborative requirements.

3. Evaluation: Define the assessment criteria and how the project will be graded.

4. Contract Terms: Students and teacher must agree to the contract terms, providing clarity and accountability throughout the project.

In conclusion, PBL contracts provide structure, direction, and purpose for student-centered projects. This example of a PBL contract highlights the importance of clear expectations, shared responsibilities, and defined evaluation measures. By establishing a PBL contract, teachers and students can ensure that each participant understands their role in the project`s success, leading to increased engagement, deeper learning, and a more meaningful educational experience.

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